Tim Barker

TB Bio 2Tim Barker
BA (Hons) International Business with French.
Member of Laughter Yoga International.

Tim is a likeable gent with a cheeky soul. He relishes opportunities to expand horizons and improve quality of life for himself and others around him.

Tim has had a varied career path since first stepping in to employment at the age of 16. At each stage ticking off things that he doesn’t want to do for the rest of his life. The quest for the ‘perfect working environment’ has lead Tim through office jobs, factory jobs, manual work, management work, working from home, working in the woods, working in teams, working with animals, working as a sole trader, early mornings, late nights, 9-5 and 7/7 as well as various in-betweens.

Tim went to university and bolstered an inquisitive mind with academia and living & working in France.  He graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 in International Business with French. Magnifique!

Despite all of this, however, the overriding feeling that true happiness comes from the simple life is one of Tim’s core tenets.

Tim came to Laughter Yoga through witnessing the magical effects at his first session in 2014. The powerful influence of natural contagious laughter in a group environment had him rolling around the room in a state of pure bliss. And as an introduction to meditation and relaxation, the Yoga Nidra element of the Laughter Yoga experience was a momentous gift.

As a natural laugher, Tim appreciates the power of laughter to inspire creativity, drive and peak performance in people from all walks of life. The power to breakdown social barriers, increase people’s sense of connection to each other and the world around them and create healthier, happier relationships.

The brighter we shine as individuals, the more dazzling this world becomes.

Tim is now a fully trained Laughter Yoga Teacher and runs regular community laughter clubs in Oswestry and Shrewsbury in Shropshire alongside running workshops and events across the UK.

Tim joined forces with Wes at Laughter Time to offer a wide-ranging suite of packages to suit any industry, group or individual. With a flair for the zany and spontaneous Tim specialises in 1-2-1 laughter sessions, however, group sessions are always a hoot in any environment.

Tim and Wes are the driving force behind the UK’s first Laughter Festival held in June 2016.

Contact Tim:
M: 07861 388 307
E: tim@laughtertime.co.uk
W: www.laughtertime.co.uk