Therapeutic Laughter Connection
Relax, connect and feel good

We like to help people to relax, connect and feel good from the inside out because we know that happy people are kinder, healthier and enjoy life more.

“The ability to gently slow things down and, most importantly connect with another human being
through eye contact was what made the difference. So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Our workshops and training courses have been specially developed to quickly reduce stress, boost connections and leave people feeling good in a way that is accessible, easy and fun to do.

Workshop Content
TLC is a unique 9 step process that brings people together for a journey of applied wellness and suits all ages and abilities. Our focus is on gently relaxing the body and mind, dissolving stress and barriers before developing a genuine feeling of inner wellbeing.

We combine gentle deep breathing, science based evidence and mindfulness teachings with connecting exercises, laughter techniques and guided relaxation to build relationships, boost communications and provide sustainable strategies for happiness and health.

Based upon our own experience and that of the many others we have trained, we have developed this workshop as a way to gently deliver the many benefits of breathing, connection, laughter and relaxation. TLC workshops are an easy, fun and effective way to relax, connect and feel good.

No special clothing, equipment or venue is required and workshops are available to everyone regardless of level of fitness or previous experience.

A full workshop usually lasts 60-90 mins.
1/2 day, full day and 10 week programmes are also available.

We change the world by changing ourselves.

Positive Relations
Your people are your best asset and it pays to take care of them. Not only will our workshops help you to look after your people in a way that is accessible and cost effective but experience has also shown us that they are a great way to positively project your brand, organisation or business.

Typically between £5 and £10 per person (depending upon group size).
Workshops from £199.
1/2 day programmes from £599. Full day from £1,199.
10 week Applied Wellness Programme from £199 per person. (10 x 1hr sessions. Minimum group size 10).

Our Mission
Our mission is to project positivity into our communitiescare homes and businesses and help people to easily experience the many benefits of conscious deep breathing, connection and relaxation. We change the world by changing ourselves.

We look forward to working with you.

Call 01691 777738 or 07870 693 865 now to book a workshop and experience the many benefits or contact us for more information.

Project Positivity
for happy, healthy people