Wes Floyd

Wes Floyd

BA (Hons) Business. DipMgmt.
Member of Laughter Yoga International.

Wes is a Social Entrepreneur who knows that the key to a happy, healthy and abundant life is Love and Laughter.

Always happiest in the great outdoors, Wes originally trained as a mountain guide achieving many notable heights in his field (hahahah). Returning to education as a mature student, he graduated in 2003 with a First Class honors degree in Business, a Professional Diploma in Management and embarked upon an MBA with the Open University.

However, Wes preferred climbing trees to career ladders (hehehe) and despite the job and life successes, he realised that the hearty laughter he once new was almost completely missing from his life.

In January 2013 Wes had his first “mind blowing” Laughter Yoga experience and since then he has been spreading the laughter by holding workshops, training and events across the UK and beyond.

Wes says “The power and true essence of Laughter Yoga has been absolutely transformational for me. I am so very grateful to have found it and feel so blessed to be able to help others transform their own lives, their businesses and their communities in such a joyful and soulful way.”

Wes’ own business, LaughterTime.co.uk, continues to go from strength to strength offering workshops, talks and training in laughter, meditation and mindfulness to individuals, communities, organisations and businesses around the UK.

Experience gained over many years has developed a unique insight and ability to safely guide people towards positive change and lasting joy. Wes’ style is open and natural and stems from a combination of direct experience, practical application and continuous research.

Wes is committed to helping others to live, love and laugh unconditionally again and with a passion for business performance and change he is actively involved in collaborating with dynamic individuals and organisations that want to make the world a better place.

Wes has worked with voluntary and community groups, schools, charities, health care, SMEs and large businesses helping to improve their health, happiness and performance.

Throughout the year, Wes can often be found exploring the UK with Simba the husky, as part of The Laughter Tour: a travelling gift of laughter that is passed from one community to the next.

Wes is a Laughter Yoga Teacher, Founder of Laughter Yoga UK and the Laughter Festival and a fully accredited member of Laughter Yoga International, He is a confident public speaker and has presented on TV, radio and at many conferences including the 40th anniversary celebrations of Mind Body Spirit Festival in Olympia, London.

Contact Wes:
M: 07870 693 865
E: wes@laughtertime.co.uk
W: www.laughtertime.co.uk
W: www.lyuk.org
W. www.laughterfestival.org.uk